The Origin, Trend & Technicalities Of Fashion Magazines

The Origin, Trend & Technicalities Of Fashion Magazines



The term “Magazine” originated from the French which surprisingly means storehouse or storage place. Storage places for cartridges in firearms are called dismantled or automatically fitted “magazines“.

It was during the era of Louis XIV that’ Fashion magazine” emerged first. The first publication related to fashion was called The Mercure Galant which contained illustrated fashion plates that the aristocracy in the king’s court was wearing.

In general, we related the term ‘Fashion’ unconsciously associated with Women. Especially the society of Elite & Royal livelihood. History tells it’s not. It was in the 19th Century Fashion Magazines were introduced to the general public to represent the notions of femininity in an increasingly consumerist society. 


Spread in Weldon’s Ladies’ Journal (April 1895). In a way, fashion that was under elite society’s grip became elusive &  slowly spread among the working society.

How does this happen?

The birth and rising need for Democracy, after the ill-effects of war and social order through various revolutions namely, French, Russian, and US Civil War – Tailoring, Hemming fully-covered embedded precious metals within apparels, footwear, pouches, bags, hats, Partying, House-filled balls during the reign of kingship started withering away as class struggle tarried people which became hard for governments to rule effectively.

Working-class people’s needs for getting educated, and uniting communities at various levels required reading the history of the past to ensure that the best has to continue fitting contemporary needs. Thus, Fashion & Fashion Magazines survived despite multiple wars & revolutions all over the world.

Fashion magazines are an essential component for the birth of the fashion industry.

Fashion magazine surges a fusion of culture, and lifestyle, to urge to manufacture and deliver consumer needs. It acted as a medium that conveys and promotes the design’s vision to the eventual purchaser. Fashion doesn’t associate only with apparel, footwear & outlook. It is related to everything we do, share & re-create throughout human history.

Setting fashion standards for over a century, the top-selling fashion magazine in the world with editions globally are Italian Vogue and British Vogue. 


Femina Magazine is the oldest homegrown magazine which is the most-read fashion magazine published for women.

The earliest magazines in America were published in 1741, with Andrew Bradford’s American Magazine being the first of its kind in the colonies, followed three days later by Benjamin Franklin’s General Magazine. From 1824 to 1851, The World of Fashion and Continental Feuilletons was the first British monthly journal.

Fashion Magazine

  • Vogue, is an influential American fashion and lifestyle magazine.was founded in 1892 as a weekly high-society journal.
  • Arthur Baldwin Turnure for New York City’s social elite has started publishing it, covering news of the local social scene, traditions of high society, and social etiquette; books, plays, and music reviews.

To distinguish between them, what was formerly a regionally distributed pamphlet, magazine, periodical, or newsletter was eventually turned into two primary forms — General Public Magazines and Specific-Interest Magazines.

St. Joseph Publishing publishes Fashion, a Canadian fashion magazine. Communications that cover international, national, and local fashion and beauty trends and news.

  • Elle, the world’s best-selling fashion magazine, is despite the significant age gap between both – Vogue – exceedingly old-fashioned elites, Fashion satiated with regional readers in Canada, while Vogue is exceedingly old-fashioned.

The magazine business has taken turmoil from surged up digital trends and the COVID-19 pandemic.


Though magazines are still active and adhere to the contemporary needs to flourish their business, the retrospective is more than worth a read.  

The challenges and staying competitive restoring the print version readers swiftly into digitalized phase is feasible when the magazine content is speed enough to load, not overwhelming with a large number of ads and large pictures.

For Fashion Magazines, this too is a challenge of modernity.

Hence, editors and freelance writers keep focusing on attractive topic headers, truthful content, adequate ads, and genuine reviews on fashion products. People prefer magazine that talks about Beauty & Grooming, Culture, Shopping, Style, Content, and Fashion.

A few of the top-selling Fashion Magazines are as follows



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