13 Top Best Foods in Andhra Pradesh

13 Top Best Foods in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra cuisine is renowned for its spicy and delicious taste, which is typically prepared with a large number of spices and chilies. While Andhra Pradesh’s cuisine is varied and differs from region to region, some well-known dishes include:

Some of the sumptuous dishes are as follows:

1. Hyderabadi Biryani:

Hyderabad biryani

Hyderabadi Biryani is a well-liked rice dish that is prepared with basmati rice, meat (usually chicken or mutton or prawn), curd, herbs, and spices.

2. Punugulu:


Punugulu though seems alike Paniyaram. They fundamentally differ in preparation. The former is deep-fried instead of cooking in the mini-idli pan. The left out from the idli-batter is sufficient enough to prepare punugulu. If you like fritters the idli or dosa dough has to be little sour. Hence, it is preferable to use idli or dosa batter which is 1-2 days old. This can be served with coconut or ginger(Allam) chutney.


3. Mirchi Bajji or Mirapakaya Bajji:

Mirchi Bajji

Considering the heat and spicy factor, the size of the green chilies has to be large than the smaller ones to make this bajji. Gram dhal batter-fried chilies were cut in the middle and stuffed with spiced mashed potatoes, deep-fried to make this delicacy, and sprinkled with onions before getting served with chutney.
Mirchi Bajji is usually prepared as a tea-time snack.
You can do improvisation in the recipe. For instance, the seasoning filling could be done with a mix of cumin powder, salt, lemon juice, or tamarind pulp as well.

4. Pesarattu:

Pesarattu is a moong dal-based dosa that is typically paired with ginger chutney

5. Royala Iguru:

A hot prawn curry made with coconut, tamarind, and spices is called royala iguru.

6. Gutti Vankaya:


A typical vegetarian ultimate lip-smacking flavor dish known as gutti vankaya is created with stuffed brinjal (eggplant) that has been cooked in hot gravy.

7. Ariselu:

Ariselu is a deep-fried sweet treat given during festivals made with rice flour and jaggery.

8. Kodi(Chicken) Kura:

Kodi Kura is a hot chicken curry made with tomatoes, onions, and a number of different spices.

9. Dondakaya Fry/ Ivy Gourd:

The nutritious food has great body detoxifying properties and is vitamin-rich. It has a crispy nutty flavor, because it is cooked with nuts and spices. It can be paired with rice and rasam or hot roti.

10. Uppindi:



Popular Rava Upma meal Uppindi, or Beyam Upma as it is often known, is quick and simple to make. It can be prepared at home during those hectic morning rushes before leaving for work. It is prepared using broken rice or rava, peanuts, and a variety of spices to give it flavor.

11. Pootharekulu:

A typical sweet dish from Andhra Pradesh, India, is called poootharekulu. It is a rice starch and sugar-based, paper-thin confection.

12. Pappu:



Andhra cuisine’s signature dish, pappu, is created with dal (lentils) and a variety of spices. Usually eaten with rice or roti, it is an easy and filling dish.

13. Gongura Pachadi:

Made from sorrel (gongura) leaves, green chilies, garlic, salt, curry leaves, cumin and other spices, and gingelly oil, this tastes best when served hot to enjoy the tickling sour taste and coarse texture. Red sorrel leaves are preferable to have good taste. Usually, it is mixed with dhal powder and ghee. High in vitamin C, the sour taste is helpful as an exceptional appetizer, to get rid of common cold, cough, and mild fever symptoms. Other dishes with gongura can be prepared as pickle, chutney, chicken fry, and royalu.

Andhra Gongura Pachadi Recipe:

Traditional Andhra food called Gongura Pachadi is created with red sorrel (gongura) leaves, which have an acidic and sour flavor.

Gongura pachadi

The following is the recipe for Gongura Pachadi:

• 2 cups – Fresh gongura leaves
• 15 – Dried Red chilies, adjusted to taste
• 2 tablespoons – Coriander (Dhania) Seeds
• 1/2 teaspoon – Methi (Fenugreek) Seeds


For seasoning

• 2  tablespoons – Sesame (Gingelly) Oil
• ¼ tablespoon – Kadugu mustard seeds
• 1 teaspoon  – Black Urad Dal, (Split)
• Two to three –  dry red peppers
• 3–4  – cloves smashed garlic (optional)
• 1/2 teaspoon – Cumin seeds
• 1 tablespoon – urad dal,   salt to taste


  • To start with, separate the (gongura) red sorrel leaves from the stems, give them a thorough wash, and pat them dry with a kitchen towel. Chop the gongura leaves once they are dry and set them aside.
  • Take dry red chilies, coriander seeds, and fenugreek seeds and roast them next in a skillet over medium heat until they are light brown, fragrant, and toasted. Be careful not to burn them.
  • Place them on a plate to cool. Use as many or as few as you need depending on the quality of the red chilies and the desired amount of heat. After they get cooled, combine them using a mixer grinder to create a fine powder.
  • The mustard seeds, urad dal, and red chilies are added to the heating oil in the same pan and allowed to sizzle for the dal to get golden brown and crisp.
  • Add the smashed garlic in a single motion and cook for a few seconds until the aroma is released. Add the powdered salt, taste-tested salt, and chopped gongura leaves all at once.
  • The Gongura leaves will soften in less than a minute, so keep stirring. Taste the food and then adjust the salt and spice as necessary.
  • Moreover, you’ll see some oil left over and the Gongura Pachadi pulling away from the pan’s sides.
  • The Gongura Pachadi is now prepared; turn off the heat and serve.
  • Gongura Pachadi can be kept in the fridge for a week and served with just hot steamed rice, dhal powder, and ghee.

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