Why is physical fitness important in our daily life?

Why is physical fitness important in our daily life?

There is a common understanding that fitness means burning calories, sweating for a few hours, turning stout jack black into slim bruce lee for healthier and longer life. This is not wizardry,  you have to incorporate it into a daily routine like brushing your teeth, have food.

Why nowadays fitness is observed as a “Culture” implying social pressure to be fit,  support, encouragement, and resources to do so, as well.

Tactical job doers like firefighters, police, military require Physical Fitness as a key to job performance. But without a high necessity, many of us feel except for job-related fitness assessment, individuals are not accountable to look into fitness. Fitness is a mission kill for the military but, it won’t issue a code red command for a person who just works for some company doing paperwork.

Many of us used to think fitness is vital for the below aspects:

1. Feel Better


2. Improves health and progress towards healthy habits

3. A perfect body is a silent expression to say that one leads a perfect life

4. Unleash mental ability to handle things constructively.

Is it true?

No. Because reading this, one will get engaged in the gym or buy physical fitness equipment stream work-out videos from youtube and do it personally, pick rapid diet planner for eg., GE diet and a new order of food habits. Fitness is not just these all jacks in the box. 

This is an incorrect canvas displayed to everyone of what health and fitness really are. Some may clap its artistic work but, it’s not. All it passively says is to become thin or curse yourself if you fail. Trying to be skinny, to soak your tracksuit with sweat in the gym in order to become a bronze muscular statue is no point. 


This is what the ‘mainstream fitness culture’ is desperately trying to condition us to believe such nonsense to plunge people strive for the same size, same physic fits all approach to health.

Real health and fitness come in all sizes and shapes, it has a hair split gap to do with how you look, everything to do about your feelings for your body. Health and fitness can serve as a utility to improve your experience in the world and help you exactly what is meaningful to you. 

That’s why with Health & Fitness, how you feel is important.

1. Do you have enough strength? 

2. Do you feel alive and happy? 

3. Do you stay calm and contentful or stressed? 


4. Are you thinking rightly or does everything look shady & clouded? 

5. Are you aware of the foods that impact your body & mind negatively? 

5. Can allot regular time without any interference of busy tasks in the middle? 

6. Are you able to carry out the physical tasks you willed for? 

7. Without any keeps, are you willing to express what you are to the world? 


These questions have to be focused w.r.t. Health and Fitness than burning the calories or love to get greasy skin, sweat-sworn tracksuits. 

By acknowledging your body,  what you thrive & want to do, you resist the mainstream propaganda and help to recreate a better culture for all of us.

List out what are the physical activity-oriented hobbies you love to do. 

  • 1. Dance or Ballet
  • 2. Gymnasium
  • 3. Dance
  • 4. Trekking
  • 5. Skiing
  • 6. Swimming
  • 7. Snowboarding
  • 8. Badminton
  • 9. Jogging
  • 10. Morning Walk
  • 11. Skipping
  • 12. Cycling
  • 13. Play frisbee with kids

Whatever it is for you, start and get immensely interested in doing it more often. With self-directing passion, exercise will alter into effortless joy without any need for cheerleaders. Physical fitness is beneficial to our health. We all know but, it’s a matter of doing. 

Passion defines it as not something you think you “should” do instead it is actually something you “love” to do. 

How does exercise benefit your body?

  • Reduction in health risk
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory wellness
  • The gradual rise in metabolic rate
  • Strengthen Bone & Joints
  • Weight loss and never lead to obesity
  • Deep Sleep
  • Improve brain function

Body Types

Ectomorph Body Type:


They usually have thin and smaller bone structures with little bodies muscle. They eat whatever they want but they will never gain weight. Athletes and typical Model. 

  • Your goal is to gain weight.
  • Training
  • You should focus on building muscle strengthening exercises. To lift heavy weights 
  • you can build the size of your body. Some of the exercises like lunges, pushups, 
  • pullups squats. 
  • Take more carbs, proteins and low fat. Eat frequently.

Mesomorph Body Type:

  • You have a medium body structure and an athlete body. They considered having a good gene because you have an efficient metabolism. You can easily gain muscle and lose fat. Stay fit so that you can easily maintain your body weight.
  • Training
  • Focusing on strength, size, and endurance. Do HIIT exercise. 
  • Take Equally protein, carbs, fat food.

Finally Endomorph Body Type:

  • You have a soft and rounded body.
  • You have to stock your bone structure within 
  • The middle section and hips and gain weight easily just by eating small chocolate. 
  • But you struggle to lose weight, metabolism is very slow so you have to more 
  • Attention to what to eat and stay fit. Your goal is to lose weight. 
  • Your body more efficient to burn fat. Weekly thrice of strengthening exercise. 
  • Aim for more work in less time. You are stronger so lift weights, walk, jog, cycle, 
  • swimming.
  • Eat the right food and fire up your metabolism, lower carbohydrate, 
  • Higher protein, and fats. Keto diet
  • When exercise becomes a part of your daily life, you are disease-free, and no need to shield your health, energy, and vitality against illness. This energy of doing and slowly becoming what you are will build brick by brick a healthy and fit lifestyle on your own terms.


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