Alchemy of Aging and its Effects on You

Alchemy of Aging and its Effects on You

Aging is like finding a pebble or beach sand fine and shining on the shore but, will be trouble inside the shoe that one can’t get rid of it easily. Aging means elusively entering from a mid-life crisis into a less active life or vise-verse. Aging depends on you and your world together with how evocatively you swirl together.  


1. What are all at stake with aging?

Aging does have an impression on the loss of cognitive functioning — thinking, remembering, learning, logical reasoning, and behavioral change affecting a person’s life and way of seeing things. Memory loss, stuttering tongue, blunt vision, assertiveness slipping away. 

Many among us are trapped in our mirror. Wrinkles crisscross as rail lines across faces, eyes soar with thin red lines, retina dilated most of the time,  hands tremble, head shakes, the spine takes a curve, body mass shrinks without an iota of doubt, heaviness lost in the voice, forgetfulness, ignorance.

Visibility among society drifting in a minuscule manner, dabbing mascara & standing before the dressing table seems to be a ridiculous deed, pouch money shifts to jewel boxes, cooking happens only during hungrier moments, food inclined towards results of light, nutritious cooking, checklist on medical pills intake, doctor visits, special occasion are calendar marked, momentary swinging from anxiousness to forgiving moods, experienced loneliness among the crowd and prolonged loudmouth when the conversation is expected to be short, the result of the bad habits during the young age causing trouble in old age, Lackluster to travel far or into extreme climatic places especially adventure trips, fear of ending up with urine bag and bed pan are the various aspects of getting older that most of us fear to face.


But, Aging cannot be turned into morbidity. With aging comes new problems and difficulties. the aging process brings in learning life’s challenges and handles them effectively.

2. Money, People & relativity of the both that impact your life is invaluable

With aging, how somebody’s death has an impact on our lives is often put into retrospect, and the heat is felt more. Relationships end gradually or abruptly that vary from good, young, and old friends, smart, talented, and even hell-bound people around your career path, and people you made friends with from playgrounds during your teenage, school & college. 

Perhaps, everlasting friendship comes only if you had great conversations, and deepened care & wellness mutually felt for each other. One might think it would have been greater if they did something in past at a right time.

Their life is destined somewhere, missing it in hair split moment of incorrect decision is much more enjoyable. It dawns that what people deal with didn’t but, only how you deal with people makes all of the difference. After all, you are the author of your past life story. It’s fantabulous or bittersweet still your story makes it great and purposeful for the upcoming young folks. Thus, history has worked so far.

3. Manage loss – people, things, cultivated talent, physical & psychological wellness

While younger ones think about the purchase, the old ones are wise enough to think about price along with quality and their budget map in mind.


Often, the amount of money one uses to buy is equally proportional to how practically one leads a life without any dejection. If something costs a lot it doesn’t mean it’s invaluable or cheap when priced low. All of it depends on how many essential things one could stuff in their house than the ones with things that are just irresistible to buy though it’s of less or no purpose or usage on having it. 

Money is a needful thing to live without much hassle. But money is worthless to gain certain things like good people, relationships, results of your goodness, and selflessness but, a willful act that changes other’s lives. Developed talent may go off due to aging but, everything in nature has its own lifespan. Thus, aging provides maturity to humans from clinging to materialistic and metaphysical things. 

4. Aging re-iterates lifestyle as there are uncertain magical moments that happen in life. Only we are incapable to see it at the spur of the moment.

Every second is not sacred, even every micro-second is had its own dragging story. Some things may peck and fly swiftly even before we recognize it happened to us. Being grateful for all of the time has to be cultivated by crystalized experience, as no moment is worth less than the rest. 

Life is an everchanging motion picture that anything happens it just requires acceptance even if you were bored or lost your temper on certain occasions. Aging is wrongly associated with boredom equally being youthful to mistakes.

Aging reminds you sometimes you have to drop like a pigeon and sometimes you have to stand still like a statue with pigeon droppings.


5. Why do we only learn this as we get older?

Aging teaches us valuable things about life – that, nobody is an all-time performance, one has gracefully found peace and control over self and things traveling through the noisy world and its happenings. Aging bestows the hard-hitting truth that there is an end to everything,  recognizing that our time alive is limited with constraints, risks, and assumptions, hence, no procrastination of things that one really ought to do. If one has to do he must. If not, they leave strong footprints of incompleteness in one’s mind as if a wound that never heals.

6. Aging doesn’t Mean Forgiveness

Forgiveness provides a path for us to move forward toward peace with ourselves as well as our relationships. But forgiveness does not always make things how they were. And sometimes, you can never go back to how things were. To forgive is not a conclusion based on predicate grammar. Wise people are forgivers,

Forgivers are aged, wise people. Hence, All forgivers are aged people. However, if the cultivation of the mind is the ultimate aim of human existence. Forgiveness has its definite space in the minds of aged wise people

Youth and Aging are socially constructed to approach, treat and mend like polar opposites. Similarly Life and Death. But, they are not. Being an avid reader of Buddha’s preaching, I come across an astounding truth while reading the Vinaya Texts. The entire religion of Lord Gautama Buddha is called ‘Middle Way.

Middle Way seldom means taking sides on two extremes or an appropriate mix of two extremes to balance like a trapeze. The middle way is altogether a new way of living. Holding no keeps on existing doctrines or society-given faith.  


According to Lord Buddha, Death is not the opposite of Life. Death is something deeper. It’s just the absence of Life. He further says: ‘Lack Of Right Understanding’ is the mother of all crimes. This applies to Aging too. I hope this post will eliminate the lack of the right understanding.

Aging is inevitable like our birth. That’s a precious thing that we should never forget. Aging can impact our life like a continuous remembrance, reckon that our eye bags are bulging further day by day or we are conscious that our blooming body one day will perish in mud. These are the choices of either reckoning or being conscious. The former leads to somberness and the latter bestows your vitality. 

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