How Do You Wear A Trench Coat

How Do You Wear A Trench Coat

It’s a time of changing seasons to dress and have fun with fashion. For more than half a century, a classic trench coat has never lost its appeal, style. 

Origin of Trench Coat

History reveals trench coat comes from the British military;  used as a very preliminary functional piece to keep away troops exposed to wind and water. 

The need for trench coats boomed during World War I where people warring the nations wore trench coats to protect them from diabolic situations. 

How to Style a Trench Coat

As anyone can picture it in their mind, trench coat stands out a bit more interesting with a pair of boots instead of proper shoes and further beautify with proper accessories.

This is a really gorgeous-looking functional adult and responsible. If you’re wearing this everyone we shouldn’t be like judging people based on their outfits. 


Trench coats are designed to be worn over military uniforms, so the fit is quite spacious and free-flowing. With a trench coat, you can wear a tee, warmer, sweater underneath your trench coat. Thus, with proper choice of outfits, one change makeshift his appearance either too stout or too lean, trench coats provide the luxury of looking good.

The top part is designed to keep open if required (although big buttons are there to fully cover if preferred)  and the bottom part with a belt will provide the option to cover up during winter.

Rather than with a business formal or casual dress code, a trench coat will fit right in with work wears. If wearing a suit to work is your preference, a trench coat in a matching color for a stylish look. On casual occasions, similar colored accessories having tiny variations in shoes, mufflers, tees,  suitable bags will make you look vibrant.

Below are the other benefits over the choice of picking a trench coat than other apparels:

1. Fits with both formal as well as casual wear with the appropriate  combination of color & texture 

2. It’s timeless & versatile despite becoming worn out or fade


3. From bond girl Ursula Andress to singer Adriana Grande, women politicians brit Thatcher to german Merkel trench coats is globally popular and wearable during public, private occasions

Work Long Sleeve Asymmetric Coats & Jackets For a sleek and stylish look. You wear a pair of denim jeans with a round or turtleneck top and sneakers are a guideline. You can have fun with colors here it has a more conceptual approach and looks like with trench coat definitely a little bit more casual relaxed.


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