Electronic and Electrical Waste (e-waste) = Ca$h

Electronic and Electrical Waste (e-waste) = Ca$h

Define Waste:

Merriam-Webster Dictionary says:  to consume, spend, or employ uselessly or without adequate return; use to no avail or profit; squander. Waste like how humans consider themselves at the end of life is associated with Time, Space & Position. It’s interesting to know whatever is valuable is creating the shadow called Waste. Waste of Time, Space Waste revolving along with planets & meteorites, countless stars, and Inert or Inactive Positions without gain or use. Becoming waste is part of life and being useful throughout the traveling phase of becoming waste is also a vital part of life.

The human body expires into five natural elements and re-emerges by bringing in life through other living forms.


Humans are rapidly multiplying and other species of earth and its habitats are rapidly declining, he/she is bound to live near dump yards or landfills. A mind filled with constantly streaming junk, food turning the human stomach into the water-needed radiator.

The more purpose in life turns meaningless, everything we do think & act turns into waste. Philosophy ends. period.

Imagine the sound of the hydraulic piston from the waste truck sliding down the avalanche of small mount filled with metallic wires, eye-plucked monitors, plastic cases, and shard glasses of CRT. These are generally called E-Waste. 


Electronic or E-Waste deposits creates a major problem for ecological, physiological, and psychological wellness, handling natural calamities to man-made disasters, enrichment of the soil, water & culture, preserving natural resources, and reducing all type of pollution including noise. E-Waste includes precious metals ranging from gold, silver, mercury, cobalt, zinc, copper to bronze. Harmful especially to children involved as laborers in under-developed & developing countries as most of them are radioactive, product toxicants.

What are we doing further to the damage?

Globalization opened constructive possibilities as well as irreversible destructive impossibilities. E-Waste is one of the impossibilities before a decade. But, now, we have seen the opportunity to re-create or preserve destined for refurbishment, reuse, resale, salvage recycling through material recovery, or disposal are also considered e-waste.

Recycling became the key factor to reduce damages done by E-Waste. Instead, we started looking for the jackpot in calamities too. E-Waste turns into business warfare. It is said that the U.S. alone throws out phones with US$60 million worth of gold and silver every year.

As E-Waste taps up a lot of money based on the rate of e-waste production. Corporates now see the waste-filled landfills as hidden treasure and as an indicator, it’s not breaking news that Apple Inc. has recently entered into recycling technology. 

In geopolitics, E-Waste turns into a burning issue as developed countries ships their e-wastes to under-developing countries turning them into the world’s garbage bin, in transit, and ship-wrecks due to various reasons resulting in endangering aquatic plants & animals.


The Econo-centric world affects the eco-human balance pretty much. But, no alternative is figured out as a complete remedy.

What are we doing to do about it? 

Generate a “circular economy” through E-Waste. The circular economy relies on refurbished, reused, and recycled raw materials that end up fueling a more endurable system of creating new products out of electrical & electronic wastes.

For this year’s Olympics, participants who win their competitions will be awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals that are made from recycled e-waste.

Electronics are produced first when decided that their life span expires, the emphasis is placed on recycling adequate raw materials with an eye to reducing the actual waste to run down the mill of carbon & mineral minings.

Extracting things and manufacturing new products through recycling economic geeks observe that a circular economy could also prove to be a way for countries to secure the resources they need for the future without relying on floating prices of the global market.


Either way, recycling facilities are going to be the manufacturing plants of the near future.

Save the Children 

It was enlightening to remember a story told by the one-limbed old wise man of the amazon tribe in the film ‘Apocalypto’.

The skeleton key for harmonic life & the environment is to live with essentials, lead a simplistic lifestyle, keep awake that consumption is slavery to self and power to greedy others, and give your effort & care just 1% more to society to make our planet better than what it’s now.

Life is a gift with unbelievable possibilities, let us not waste it.

Peace be with you!



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