My Venus, My Love  (Poem)

 My Venus, My Love  (Poem)

Those expressive 

captivating eyes,

calmness illuminating face,

tireless traveler,

I admire you. the distance between you


and I differ by an inch.

Just an inch

not more.

like the poles of the magnet,

strikingly attract and repel


nobody knows

certainty is foolishness.

Our discussion,

shape-shifting into debates,

further, turn into fights,


stride down into discourses,

beefed with needful promises, Heedful advices,

repairing confessions,

reaping joy out of amoral jokes,

colored of psychedelic thoughts, Very lately we know,


we are the beasts

that scowls and in the end,

lick each other’s wounds,

transcending scars into talismans. blood is thicker than water, 



raving for perfection.

on the loose ends

love grows like amassed grass

underneath muscular veins.

I took the one less traveled by,


And that has made all the difference


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