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French People Culture and Fashion

 “The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder ad mystery.

There is always more mystery”

– Anais Nin, French Writer (1903-1977)

The digital world opens the unexplored portal of cultural intermingling.  The world seems like a giant ship; the Arc of Noah. Restraints from popularity and the majority’s approval are regarded as Shady things in the past.  As the ship is taking a torque, old things break, and new arrangements occupy their place. Shady things are astounding to be the reveling themes of the present age.  This fits ethnicity, geo-centric movements, art, and fashion. The definition of style is volatile and adaptive to times. However, style is leeway in itself. It carries a cultural willingness of people and their provenance to social, religious, or cultural groups.

The style also makes people easy to distinguish from others, to check deftly into creativity and emerge up worth based on appearances alone, which is something French girls do almost unwittingly, a result of edifying habituation that’s firm to shake off.



France is the land of Revolution, the first in the world that laid its foundations based on Libèrtè, Egalitè & Fratèrnitè. Defining a Fèmmè Fatalè includes taking into consideration that they are from the birth land of Crusader Napoleon Bonaparte, Novelists Victor Hugo, Alexander Dumas to Anais Nin, Singers Johnny Holiday to Alizee, Painters Eugène Delacroix to Van Gogh, Playwrights Molière to Antonin Artaud, Finest Vineyards, Medieval Castles, City of Lights.

French Fashion:

French women’s fashion has captivated Europe and Asia for years. It’s enticing to call it an oversimplification, but France unambiguously has a culture that inspires unification, discretion, and low risk. Frenchie may be irresistibly vocal, stun us with their sharp features, keen and sharp-eyed about their surroundings, but when it comes to fashion, they’re far more conspicuous. Uninhibited, a French woman does not see fashion as the ultimate expression of herself but rather as complementary to her mind, her talents, and her opinions, and therefore it doesn’t need to be eccentric. The manner in which objects are worn and lived is what makes them compelling.


When you think about French girl style, the words classic, urbane, feminine, minimalistic, and poised instantly come to mind. French women always seem to have everything together through thoughts, efforts, and actionable outcomes. If you achieve these intangible qualities in you that’s what is called a Frenchie iconic style in pursuit of captivating the whole world.



When it comes to clothing, French women keep things straightforward and easy. You won’t find them in flashy logos or wild trends, but rather in timeless, understated pieces that will last. However simple these pieces may be, French girls make them utterly unique and apple to the eye.


French girl exquisiteness is all about alleviating a woman’s natural features. The esthetical sense in them is classically characterized by slight eye makeup, a clean and dewy face, and intrepid lips.



If you wish to incorporate the French style into your daily routine, below are the features,

  1. How to picture a Francophile:
  2. Makeup without a trace of makeup
  3. Timeless fine fabric on her body
  4. Vintage or Vintage inspired graphic Tees/ T-Shirts
  5. Over-sized Button-up/ White Button-down shirts
  6. Satin silhouettes, Neutral colors,
  7. Apparel fits and reflects the body curve
  8. Queen-Sized Goggles/Shades
  9. Scarf to curl up in bandana style
  10. “Less is more. Quality overrides Quantity” motto
  11. Floral print cotton dresses – usually red with white flowers
  12. Camel skin Leather skirts & jackets, Trench Coats, Maxi skirts
  13. Short coats without collars as outer wears
  14. Skinny jeans, Matchstick pants
  15. Cloth-stitched loafers, Ballet flats
  16. Sharp Edged sandals, Ankle boots, Straw Clad Espadrilles, White sneakers, or a pair of walkable shoes
  17. Bold Lipsticks
  18. Express Masculinity yet modestly dressing
  19. High-waisted pants or skirt contrast with the color of fine cut top
  20. Sling Bag, Straw Tote, Brim Straw Hat, Straw Bag
  21. Silver Brooch, Light Gold Pendant, or Bracelet
  22. Slightly Unkempt Bob cut Hair or Bangs
  23. No flaunt logos or brand imprints to show off their wealth


  • When it comes to wardrobe, French girls opt for simple, elegant, less-expensive, light-colored, and finest fabric. Their preferences are the ones that they can wear over and over and for many years to come. So, the French girl’s wardrobe obviously has less clothing than the rest of the world. They prefer apparels that boost their confidence in whatever they wear and also aids in how they carry themselves. Thus, they don’t go after trends, and brands and most of them are not shopaholics.
  • It seems Hair-Do feels a prominent part and parcel of the French Fashion world.  French women are famous for their fringes. Bangs are widely famous. Despite the French being very polished, their hair is perfectly messy and tousled.
  • They seem to have an aptitude in every area, including fashion, beauty, and interior design. They seem to prefer vibrant art paired with natural colors. They add texture with dried flowers and stylish yet cozy furnishings and linens to keep their apartments functional. Their use of several antiques and linens in their chic residences exhibits a strong vintage influence as well.
  • Along with their signature look, detail is everything that matters for a French girl. Paying attention to the look is part of a French girl’s confidence; precisely they know what looks right on them and what doesn’t.
  • The French girl loves dressing in something she knows will be both comfortable and flattering. She won’t follow a trend if it doesn’t fit her body shape or personality. She doesn’t follow trends as much as she focuses on her personal style.
  • For a lot of French women, wardrobe choices are connected to mood: whether they feel sexy, powerful, bold, beautiful, or even susceptible that day. French women tend to find quality items and keep them forever; They never plan what they are going to wear; instead, they wear dress based on how she feels. This bases their outfit around a single statement piece to balance it.
  • Even though it feels like French style is forever classic, and not as dependent on trends and vogues, is changing. Shopping for a French girl means investing in only something that she’ll use time and again; she prefers the reuse of apparel because she wants people to see that she wears some pieces regularly.  Also, she wishes to convey a passive message to others that it’s not necessary to buy new every season but to shop consciously.
  • Traditionally, the French Girl is famous for being thin, to the contrary of not getting engaged in intense workouts.  Although it is overtly important to note that all bodies & curves are welcome in the French Girl aesthetic. There is a famous saying that a True French girl always likes to be free.
  • The French girl prefers to stick to what she knows will be comfortable and gratifying. If a fashion trend does not suit her body type or temperament, she will not follow it. She is more style oriented than going after the trend.

The French girl is both extremely idealistic and extremely realistic. She wants to maintain her regular activities and look fantastic. French Girls engage in mild, enjoyable activities to maintain their emotional and physical well-being, such as:

  1. Jogging, Trekking
  2. Duck Tour
  3. Riding a bicycle with a front basket
  4. Meditation
  5. Water Sports
  6. Immerse into Books – Read/Write Poetry, Novels, Plays
  7. Leisure Activities – Paint, Carve, Sketch, Pottery, Gardening
  8. Visit museums and galleries
  9. Host dinner parties
  10. Photography
  11. Shop in vintage stores, Couture
  12. Evenings in Clubs, Hawker shops, Coffee House, Bakery

In short, always keep in mind French women involuntarily have these basic straits or attire: Less can be more, avoid over accessorizing, no more than three pieces of jewelry at once that matches the style and the undertones of skin, a stylish bag, a large or fitting sunglass, wear something relaxed and elegant when it comes to footwear.

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